Andrea J. Shaw


Andrea is a knowledgeable consumer finance/bank regulatory/privacy lawyer with over 15 years of experience as a regulator and counsel to both state and federally chartered banks. She has a passion for helping her clients launch innovative products and solve their most complex problems. Concentrating on consumer finance, bank regulatory and privacy matters, Andrea has a deep understanding of the unique challenges clients face, and guides them through the process with clear communication and focus. With a degree in Equine Business Management, she also has a passion for horses and enjoys practicing in equine law. Prior to joining Practus, Andrea served as a Shareholder with Bernstein Shur and Senior Counsel to the credit card and merchant solutions team and head of legal fair lending for a top 10 bank.

Andrea is an animal lover at heart. And she has a pretty special story about a pretty special dog named Columbo. Click here to learn more about Andrea’s chance encounter with Columbo, 1,200 miles away from her home, and how that meeting resulted in HIS 20K Facebook followers!